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Agenda Anywhere

Agenda Anywhere is the automated paperless meeting solutions that saves time, reduces cost and makes job easier. The key benefit is to eliminate paper and emails during the submission and approval process of agenda items. It provides all the necessary functionality for automating the meeting process from item creation to packet generation. With our solution simply drop the items into a meeting, arrange them per your order of business and then click a button to get agenda and packet automatically created for you.

  • Web Based State of the Art Technology
  • 100% paperless processing
  • Fast and easy web publishing
  • Unlimited meetings, templates & attachments
  • Standard word processing document format
  • Generate agenda packet in PDF and work format
  • Agenda packets with bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Email notifications with customizable workflow
  • Hardware & Software System Integration

Resturaunt Content Management

Pizza Ordering is different as compared to other restaurants point of sale solutions. Our solution is designed taking into all the consideration for handling Pizza ordering/delivery scenarios. It supports online ordering, creating your own pizza, discount coupons and delivery dispatch. Customer chooses the available range of pizzas to order along with customization option of topping and sides. On successfully submitting the order, the system shows pizza order in kitchen, process of delivering it to customer premises. Full order tracking options are available for the customer.

  • Web Based State of the Art Technology
  • View Menu
  • View Special Offers
  • Create your own Pizza
  • Order Pizza
  • Shopping Cart
  • View Order History
  • Complete Customer Management

Calling Card Solutions

We offer calling card e-commerce solution that is tightly integrated with backend switch. We provide customers option to buy international calling plan with online account management facility. They can choose calling plans, denomination of calling card and on one click of Buy button the order is completed providing user facility to start calling their loved ones.

  • Web Based State of the Art Technology
  • View Mobile/Landline Plans
  • Buy Calling Card Denominations
  • Shopping Cart
  • Complete Order Management
  • PIN Less Dialing
  • View Call History
  • Refer a Friend
  • Complaint Management
  • Submit Testimonials

Online Task Board

Online Task Board delivers a real-time platform for project management that blends work management and collaboration, more transparent and efficient for thousands of projects. Status updates are difficult to manage, and teams spend hours in status meetings only to emerge with guesstimates of how much effort a project will take. Meanwhile, management struggles to know who is doing what work and when. We wanted to find a better way. Using the principles of Agile, we built Online Task Board to revolutionize the way work is managed. As a result, we have witnessed the emergence of a more collaborative, proactive and successful workplace.

  • Web Based State of the Art Technology
  • Manage Project Work Items
  • Assign Tasks
  • Role Based Security
  • Schedule Meetings